Our First Advice Column: “Question: When does the marriage pact come in?”

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That’s One Secret I’ll Never Tell

Dear Reader,

So, you’re in love with your best friend. You get butterflies when they walk in the room, but you’re just friends. You sleepover in each other’s beds, but you’re just friends. You get jealous when they come to you for advice on their crush but so you tell them what to do as if you were their crush. You’ve kissed a few times but only as a “joke”. This isn’t friends with benefits, this is friends with consequences. It’s clear you guys have tension and people are waiting for something to happen between the two of you. But what if something did happen? It can go one of two ways. Either you end up dating and have the pleasure of saying “I married my best friend” or you guys hook up start dating and have a nasty break up which results in not just losing a partner but losing a best friend. So, this is where the marriage pact comes in. You know the pact you make with your best friend that if you’re not married by 30 (whatever age you choose) you’ll marry each other. It’s the perfect solution. Nobody gets hurt and you can look forward to the future without any consequences.

All the best,
A Twenty Something Year Old

P.S. I better receive an
invite to the wedding.

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