Bantam Bucks Available at New Locations

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With the new year comes a new addition to Trinity College’s Bantam Bucks program—student and faculty ID cards can now be used at numerous off-campus vendors, including two Whole Foods locations in West Hartford as well as Spectra Wired Café at 5 Constitution Plaza in downtown Hartford. This initiative to make shopping and dining off-campus more accessible to members of the Trinity community was supported by various faculty and administrative staff. According to Access Control and Card Services Manager Mr. Curtis Gamble, the acceptance of Bantam Bucks at off-campus retail and dining locations enhances the idea of community and creates a relationship between the campus and local businesses. Not only will these locations benefit from more students supporting their businesses, but this new function is incredibly convenient for the student body as Trinity students carry their ID cards with them both on and off of campus.
This addition to student life can be compared to many other colleges and universities, such as UConn, where students are familiar with their surrounding areas and visit them to shop and dine, paying with their ID cards. The new additions to the Bantam Bucks program intends to compliment the inauguration of the new Liberal Arts Action Lab in downtown Hartford. The expansion of Trinity’s campus into different areas of Hartford allows students the chance to experience the entire city.
As of now, the list of off-campus vendors that accept Bantam Bucks for payment in Hartford include CVS Pharmacy, First and Last Bakery and Tavern, Sam’s Food Store, Trinity Restaurant, as well as Spectra Wired Café and two Whole Foods locations in West Hartford.
Coming soon will be DB Mart, at the intersection of New Britain Ave and Broad Street, and City Food Mart/Gas between Broad and White Street. It is important to note that Whole Foods in Blue Back Square will only accept Bantam Bucks at register 13, while Whole Foods at Bishop’s Corner only takes Bantam Bucks at register 1. Additionally, this will encourage students to seek opportunities for work and relaxation outside of Trinity’s gates, including those offered at or around the new downtown Hartford building.

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