Diverse, Qualified Students Supported by MRT Interns

Olivia Papp ’23

Contributing Writer

Trinity’s Multicultural Recruitment Team is a program led by the Office of Admissions that aims to make a positive impact on the college community. This team ensures that Trinity to admits qualified students who will bring a sense of diversity to campus. It also gives these noteworthy students the exclusive opportunity to experience the Trinity culture over the course of a weekend.
The Tripod spoke with Multicultural Recruitment Team Intern Masho Jmukhadze ’22 and chair of the program and Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Courtney Roach ’16 to learn more.

Both students and admissions counselors make up the Multicultural Recruitment Team, and they serve to organize and coordinate their two main events, the Fall Preview and the Passport to Trinity event in the spring. Through these two programs, prospective students gain first-hand insight into the daily life of a Trinity student. Not only are these students able to identify a greater sense of campus and student culture, but they are also able to see the role living in an urban setting plays in a college students’ life.

This program is highly advertised to students through the Trinity website as well as through email and word of mouth. The application process is fairly detailed, as applicants are required to write a reflection on their participation in past communities and speak on how they will continue to engage with the Trinity community. Students must also send in their transcripts as well as a recommendation letter.

The admissions team decides who is admitted into this program. They are primarily looking for academically inclined students who will strive to engage with the Trinity community. The team is drawn to applicants who are not afraid to try new things and bring new perspectives and ideas to campus. Student participation is a crucial component to the success of the program, and the more numbers behind the program, the stronger the program and the overall Trinity community will be.
Student interns also play a large role in this process. Throughout the year, these interns are plan and coordinate the visit days. They plan activities both on campus and in the Hartford area for the prospective students during these weekends.

Only first-years can apply to become interns, and during the first semester of participation, the intern must work with admissions as a tour guide in order to gain a greater understanding of the work of the Office of Admissions.
The interns plan ways to make the weekend as interesting and fun as possible, whether it be by attending a comedy show in downtown Hartford or doing something fun on campus. The Multicultural Recruitment team also tries to integrate the city of Hartford while prospective students are on campus, in order to highlight how accessible and lively the city is.

The Multicultural Recruitment Team is looking for any type of student involvement, especially through hosting the students during the one-night visit days in both the fall and spring. Hosting prospective students allows future members of the community the opportunity to figure out if Trinity is right for them. For those interested in hosting, they can reach out to Courtney Roach (courtney.roach@trincoll.edu) or Masho Jmukhadze (mariam.jmukhadze@trincoll.edu) to learn more.

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