Profiling the SGA Members from the Class of 2023

Natalie Sukhman ’23

Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) recently held elections for the first-year class at Trinity, the class of 2023. This year, senatorial positions for the incoming class were unopposed, however, there was an election held for the class of 2023 president won by Jason Farrell.
Throughout the year, first-year SGA members serve on various committees and in recent years have organized cookouts and formals.
These profiles are meant to give first-year students and other members of the Trinity community the opportunity to learn more about those representing them in student government.

Jason Farrell, Class President

Jason Farrell is the President of the Class of 2023. He is from West Hartford, Connecticut and wants to double major in Political Science and Human Rights with a minor in Spanish. Some of Jason’s hobbies include playing piano, singing, playing soccer, and running. He is excited to be at Trinity because of the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and encounter many new perspectives. In addition to being a key representative for the Class of 2023 in the Student Government Association (SGA), he is on the track team, sings for the acapella group the Trinity Pipes, and works at the Underground Coffeehouse. Farrell’s ambitions include studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country to improve his language skills and attending law school to become a civil rights attorney. His desire to give the Class of 2023 a louder voice so they all feel like Trinity is a place where they belong led him to join the SGA. This year, as Class President, Jason wants to help make SGA a place that all students feel comfortable to approach and voice their ideas.

Joshua Jacoves, Senator

Jacoves is a Class of 2023 senator from Tinton Falls, New Jersey. He plans on majoring in Public Policy & Law with a minor in Political Science. Some of his interests include hiking and camping. In addition to the SGA, Joshua is involved with Treehouse, Brew Club, and the Hillel House at Trinity. He chose to get involved with the SGA because he wanted to be able to represent the Class of 2023 by bringing their ideas and perspectives to the other SGA members as well as Trinity’s administration. As a senator, Joshua hopes to enact common sense change here at Trinity to make Trinity the best it can be and to help every student succeed. After college, he wants to pursue constitutional law to help make the world a better place.

Deion Kelly, Senator

Kelly is a Class of 2023 senator from Atlanta, Georgia. His intended major is Sociology with a minor in Mathematics and Education. Some of his interests include singing, dancing, and motivating others. At Trinity, Deion is currently involved with SGA, the Trinity Pipes, the Trinity Gospel Choir, MOCA, and is volunteering at the COOP. He is very excited about Trinity because of the new adventures he hopes to embark upon with his fellow classmates. Kelly was led to join the SGA to ensure that being the “voice” of Trinity’s community incorporates the school’s mission to engage, connect, and transform.

Max Norteman, Senator

Norteman is a Class of 2023 senator from North Attleboro, Massachusetts who intends to major in Political Science. A few of his hobbies include rugby, journalism, storytelling, radio, and movies. Some of the activities Max participates in at Trinity are the rugby team, writing for the Trinity Tripod, hosting a podcast, and volunteering at Cinestudio. He loves being a Trinity student because he is surrounded by people who are just as excited to change the world as he is. Norteman joined SGA because he wanted to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard, all while continuing to make Trinity a safe and comfortable campus for all. One of his goals is to write a weekly column/biography on the facility and food service staff because he believes they deserve recognition for their greatness.

Adyanna Odom, Senator

Odom is one of four senators for the Class of 2023. She is from Houston, Texas and is interested in majoring in International Studies and Public Policy & Law with a minor in Human Rights Studies. Some of her hobbies include hiking and doing painting by numbers. At Trinity, Odom is involved with La Voz Latina, the Temple Hip Hop Festival, and CONNPirg. She is excited to be at Trinity to experience the multitude of opportunities and meet the cool people who attend. She was inspired to join Trinity’s SGA to help foster an environment that students feel like they can succeed in. Some of her goals as a senator include making sure Trinity students have the best quality lives possible on campus. She also hopes to visit all 61 national parks during her lifetime.

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