AD on Suspension, Administration Declines to Comment on Specifics

Gillian M. Reinhard ’20


Members of the fraternity have confirmed to the Tripod that Alpha Delta Phi (AD) has not been permitted to open for parties for multiple weekends and has been placed on social suspension. The length of this suspension and reason for disciplinary action are unclear, though students have suggested to the Tripod that AD’s pledging procedures were in violation of College policy. For at least the past three weeks, AD has been unable to open for par- ties and has been discour- aged from holding events.

Last year, AD ran into trouble when a member used a derogatory racial slur on Instagram. When the situation arose, then-President Max Herman ’19 spoke to the Tripod, stating that, “this type of behavior is reprehensible.” The AD brother involved was since suspended indefinitely from the fraternity.

As rumors on campus swirl around the reasons for the suspension, the Tripod reached out to current AD President Courtland Boyle ’20, and the national chapter of Alpha Delta Phi, neither of whom responded to requests for comment.

Director of Campus Life Initiatives and Social Houses Kathryn Wojcik responded to a request for comment from the Tripod, stating that, “Out of respect for them [AD], their chapter, and our process, I will not be commenting at this time.”

Dean of Students Joe Dichristina informed the Tripod that the administration was looking into the issue, commenting that, “At times, we may ask a fraternity or organization to suspend social activities until the review is completed and resolved.”

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