Admissions Office Hosts Accepted Students Programs for the Class of 2021

As May 1, the deadline for high school seniors to commit to their chosen university, quickly approaches, the Trinity College Office of Admissions continues to work towards recruiting students to officially join the Class of 2021.
Last year, about thirty percent of students accepted to the Class of 2020 matriculated to the College. This year, Admissions hopes to be within that same range or higher. In order to keep matriculation statistics high, the Office of Admissions has embarked on a number of strategies to accommodate prospective students. Most notably, Trinity recently hosted hundreds of students for Bantam Visit Days on Apr. 10 and Apr. 24. This all-encompassing program introduces potential students to all aspects of life at the College.
Nearly 1,700 students were invited to join the Class of 2021. As relayed in several comments by many members of the administration, this collection of students is anticipated to be one of Trinity’s most impressive and diverse classes. Admitted students represent 38 countries and 41 states, including the highest number of people of color and about 60% of the class coming from outside of New England.Angel Perez, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success, commented on the extensive and varied programs available to students seriously considering matriculating to Trinity. In addition to five programs at Trinity specifically tailored for prospective students, receptions off campus will be held in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Central America, the United Kingdom, Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. Students and families who cannot make it to Trinity or to the several off-campus receptions also have the option of participating in individualized programs and special visits with traveling representatives of the admissions staff. These outreach initiatives couple with a strong online presence through social media.
The Bantam Visit Days occurs on Apr. 10 and Apr. 24. On Apr. 10, hundreds of students visited campus and participated in a variety of programs, including campus tours, student panels, alumni panels, and the invaluable opportunity to interact with current members of the community. Students had the chance to attend master classes with Trinity faculty, as well as attend an academic fair in order to learn more about the majors and programs offered on campus. Similarly, a student life fair allowed prospective members of the Class of 2021 the opportunity to learn more about clubs at Trinity.
As every year, the Office of Admissions is tasked with encouraging as many admitted students as possible to matriculate. “It’s all about the personal touch. We are making sure we reach out to students individually, invite them to campus, connect with current students, meet them in their home cities- and, most importantly, share with the transformative power of a Trinity education,” explained Perez, “The interaction that is most effective is when admitted students interact with our faculty and current students on campus. I hope all members of our community will get involved in these important efforts.”
In an earlier interview, Perez commented that the Class of 2021 represents an “extraordinary variety of experiences, backgrounds and points of view.” Through the continued efforts of the Office of Admissions, the students who will matriculate next fall will undoubtedly have much to offer Trinity.

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