Comprehensive Campaign Set to Raise $435 Million, Financial Aid, Academic Distinction, Athletics All Receive Funds

Brendan W. Clark ’21
Managing Editor 
Trinity College and the Office of Advancement continued their work in preparation for the launch of their Comprehensive Campaign by holding a series of stake-holder visioning meetings the week of Mar. 25. Led by President and Professor of Neuroscience Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Chair of the Board of Trustees Cornelia Parsons Thornburgh, and Vice President for College Advancement Michael Casey, the sessions included an overview of the campaign’s priorities in advance of its formal kick-off later this year.

The campaign is set to raise $435 million, with $360 million of that coming from current gifts and $75 million coming from bequest intentions. $250 million or more of that $435 will be dedicated to bolstering Trinity’s endowment, which as of 2017 stood at $577 million. Casey outlined that the campaign is guided by three primary goals of the strategic plan: “first choice college,” “Hartford and the world,” and “a sustainable future.” These goals are informed by the impact of the campaign, which Casey’s presentation noted as including “raising money, supporting the Summit Strategic Plan, encouraging a culture of philanthropy and volunteerism, and maintaining Trinity’s commitment to its mission.”

The campaign has already begun, with any donation made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2023 counting towards the goal, however, the campaign has not been formally launched or extensively promoted. In October of last year, the Board of Trustees appointed Kathryn G. Tyree ’86 and Jeffery E. Kelter ’76, P ’18 as the campaign’s co-chairs. Casey noted that the campaign is projected to cost $9 million dollars, or $1.8 million per year, with $0.10/$0.11 of every dollar donated supporting its expenses.

Casey noted that potential donors expressed interest in many categories ranging from financial aid and athletics, to residential life, student wellness, the Chapel, and the Trinity College Fund. Casey’s presentation further broke down the expenditure categories that the campaign will ultimately support. $100 million will be directed towards “financial aid,” $70 to “academic distinction,” $65 million to “endowing athletics and facilities,” $60 million to the “Trinity Fund,” $45 million to “student life programming and facilities,” and $20 million to the “Chapel endowment and facilities.”

Berger-Sweeney and Thornburgh expressed their support for the campaign and their excitement at the prospect of improving Trinity College and maintaining it for future generations.

Correction: This article originally appeared in the April 2, 2019 print edition of the Tripod with erroneous financial information. The Comprehensive Campaign will seek to raise $435 million, not $460 million as had been previously reported. Further, the Trinity Fund will receive $60 million and not $160 milion as had been previously reported. This correction will appear in the April 16th print edition. 

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