Student Government Addresses Churchill, Elections

Kip Lynch ’22
Staff Writer 
The SGA convened on Sunday, March 31, in order to review the progress of the Class Councils in com-pleting their initiatives, hear committee updates, and to discuss the SGA elections, the future of the Bantam Bus Pass, and a potential partnership with the Health Center. The Student Government Association also discussed the possibility of hosting a forum or town hall with the Churchill Club.
The student government congratulated Trinna Larsen ’20 and Hunter Savery ’20’s election to the uncontested positions of SGA President and Vice President of Finance, respectively. All other positions open for election are contested, with voting taking place on April 8-9.
The Budget Committee noted its extension of the deadline for organizations applying for staple event status. The Vice President of the Multicultural Affairs Council (MAC), Tanuja Budraj ’21, stated the importance of MAC having a voice in the student government, and suggested that the election of liaisons for MAC revert back to being elected by the student body, instead of by members of MAC, so that the position would include the ability to vote in the student government.
The Student Life Committee discussed its plans to meet with the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) and the Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) so that it may receive feedback on its initiatives over the past school year and hear ideas for new initiatives for the upcoming school year. The Sustainability Committee reviewed its changes in the organization of the bins for food, composting, and trash in Mather Dining Hall, while Larisa Bogomolov ’20 noted, as Sustainability Intern at Chartwells, that cups from Peter B’s and the Underground Coffeehouse are recyclable, not compostable, and asked that members of the SGA spread this information.
The Student Government Association discussed the future of the Bantam Bus Pass, with the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s offer of the UPass. Although most students do not use the Bantam Bus Pass, the student government noted that those who do rely on it heavily, and that as such, it would be worth increasing the Student Activity Fee (SAF) by $10. The SGA will officially vote on petitioning the Board of Trustees to raise the SAF later in the week.
With the recusal of Kristina Miele ’19, Lexi Zanger ’19 lead the discussion on the possibility of hosting a drop-in town hall meeting with the Churchill Club. The student government discussed the formats which would meet both the requirements of the Churchill Club and the needs of the student body. With Daniel Nesbitt ’22, representing the Churchill Club, favoring a town hall format, the SGA discussed who would moderate, and whether they ought to be from inside or outside the Trinity community. The Student Government Association also discussed possible guidelines for participating in the town hall such as time limits, and whether or not questions should be submitted ahead of time.
Correction: This article originally appeared in the April 2, 2019 print edition of the Tripod with an erroneous student title. Tanuja Budraj ’21 is the Vice President of the Multicultural Affairs Council (MAC), not the Liason for the Multicultural Affairs Council as had been previously reported. This correction will appear in the April 16th print edition. 

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