Preparing for better food at Trinity



With the recent addition of the Food Advisory Committee to Student Government Association, Trinity has already seen some significant changes to the food offerings in the various dining halls across campus. Two weeks ago, Committee Chairs Lauren Glasse ’18 and Kelly Vaughan ’17, along with SGA President Max Le Merle ’16 and SGA Vice President Josh Frank ’16, met with Chartwells Resident District Manager Toby Chenette to discuss ways to expand the dining options Chartwell’s currently provides.

Le Merle ’16 made the suggestion that there should be more basic grocery items available to purchase on campus, due the number of students cooking for themselves in their townhouses; within days of that suggestion, The Cave and Outtakes were stocked with eggs, milk, vegetable oil, pasta, and marinara sauce. Students were also disappointed to find that the popular Caprese and Hippie Chic sandwiches were omitted from Bistro menus this year; the committee brought this to Toby’s attention and both have be re-added as permanent items to Bistro menus. Other recent additions include almond milk as an alternative base at the smoothie bar in the Bistro, providing lids on the smoothies at Mather, more varieties of meat and fish at Infusions, and a build-your-own macaroni and cheese bar in the Bistro.

Chenette also plans to tackle larger matters such as providing more vegetarian and vegan dining options. Chenette has been extremely proactive by putting the suggestions given to him by the committee into action, by adding small but exciting revisions to the dining halls within days. This week, Chenette will meet with the full Food Advisory Committee, which is made up of twelve students, to hear feedback on the new changes, as well as to discuss more ideas for innovation at all four dining locations.

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