SGA Meets for First Time in Spring Semester

Kip Lynch ’22
Staff Writer 

The Student Government Association (SGA) assembled for the first time in 2019 on Sunday, Jan. 27 in order to hear a presentation from International Student Advisor Katharine Clair on the Cross-Cultural Living Community Initiative, to debate the prospect of making SGA Representatives’ votes more transparent, to listen to the Young Republicans request for approval, and to hear committee updates.

International Student Advisor Katharine Clair presented a new initiative for the better integration of international students into the Trinity College community. The Cross-Cultural Living Community, starting in the 2019-2020 school year, will house a combination of international and domestic students in Doonesbury. With plans to renovate Doonesbury into a space more open to community engagement, the Office of International Students and Scholars hopes that the Living Community will help make foreign students feel more united as a part of the Trinity College community.

SGA debated the possibility of making the votes of representatives more transparent. With some senators raising the issue of confrontation by fellow Trinity students over voting decisions, the student government discussed the issues of privacy and safety while striving towards accountability and transparency. In response to privacy concerns, SGA eventually settled on an opt-out system where a representatives’ name and their voting information is released unless they opt-out.

The Student Government Association heard a presentation for approval from the Young Republicans. Headed by Nick Engstrom ’22, the club hopes to work with the Young Democrats, Democratic Socialists, and the Young Americans for Liberty in fostering political discussions at Trinity College during a time when politics have become highly polarized.
The student government also heard updates for the revitalization of Vernon Social Center. 

While plans for the offering of food in Vernon have been impeded by costs, there are plans for an air hockey table and a ping-pong table to be installed in an effort to bring more students into Vernon Social in the absence of Goldberg’s.

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