Trinity Sandworm Disturbed By Science Quad Construction

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Following several months of construction on the Science Quad, Trinity’s legendary sand worm has emerged to the surface. The gigantic beast was spotted at dawn on Monday morning (4/1) by two Biology majors peering out of the 3rd floor windows of the Life Sciences Center. “Amazing!!” exclaimed the student who left a message on the Trinity Tripod news hotline. “It must be at least 26 meters long!” The students managed to snap a cell phone photo of the giant beast, which appeared to be basking in the early morning sun.

According to Biology Prof. Dr. DG Dunklebach, the enormous beast was last spotted in 1991, during construction of the MCEC Building. Thus, the emergence into daylight of the nocturnal beast may be a result of the ongoing construction. “Of special concern,” says Dunklebach, “is that since 2023, the the blue plastic sheeting around the beast’s habitat has blocked its nocturnal foraging activity.” Whether such activity is related to the occasional disappearance of random Engineering and Neuroscience students is unknown. Students are encouraged to exercise caution in the area.

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