An Overview of the Athletes of Color Coalition: History, Mission and Past Work

Ashley McDermott ’26

Sports Editor

Representation spanning across all media forums has a colossal impact on the inclusion and celebration of the group being displayed. It gives individuals of a shared background and experience a means to come together and forge a future of strength and connection. Athletes of color on Trinity’s campus are represented by the Athletes of Color Coalition. It is considered a safe space for athletes of color and a platform to discuss pressing issues our student athletes face.

Here, the E-board serves to promote a network amongst athletes of color across the many sports teams on campus. According to the Multicultural Affairs Council Organizations page on the Trinity website, the Athletes of Color Coalition “aims to build a safe, more diverse environment that will enhance the athletic experience of student-athletes of color within their respective sports and the greater campus community.” With solidarity and discourse being the basis for their mission, it is an enduring organization that deserves more recognition by the student body.

Founded in 2019, the Trinity College ACC kicked off their campus presence with a backyard barbecue in collaboration with the La Voz Latina House. The very first E-board held eight members: Peace Kabari ’20 of women’s basketball and indoor/outdoor track and field, Dakota Foster ’21 of the football team, Meeka Bolduc ’22 of softball and women’s club soccer, Charles Barsella ’21 of the football team, Jyles Romer ’20 of men’s indoor/outdoor track and field, Hareena Johnson ’22 of the women’s volleyball team, Kinnard Hughes ’22 of men’s indoor/ outdoor track and field and Kaylen Campbell ’21 of the women’s basketball team. Not only are most of these original E-board members a part of two teams at once, they also are involved in internships and various on campus accolades. Some are involved in the cultural houses, the Student Athlete Advisory, the Investment Club and even Jazz band. Six out of the eight original E-Board members were all cofounders of the Athletes of Color Coalition.

As the program has grown throughout the years, the ACC has done many activities and student outreach events to highlight their message of connections and enforcing a positive environment for athletes (and students) of color. The ACC has collaborated with the P.R.I.D.E Program to create posters for homecoming weekend 2019. They’ve also hosted a “Community Conversation” at the Umoja house, where an open discussion was held for students to reflect on the relationship between athletes and other students of color. This event also featured two Trinity professors, Seth Markle of History and International Studies and Johnny Williams of Sociology, furthering the outreach from the ACC, and enforcing their mission’s importance. They’ve hosted Q and A’s, social gatherings, donation drives and even a field day to create a positive, lasting impact on Trinity’s campus. The Athletes of Color Coalition continues to represent solidarity and safety for all athletes of color, and they maintain their mission to educate and enforce community and support. You can learn more about the ACC on the Trinity website’s Multicultural Affairs Council Organizations page, or from their Instagram @trinitycollegeacc to keep up with future events.

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