Rising Above the Rim: Spotlight on Men’s Basketball Player Jarrel Okorougo ’26

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Ashley McDermott ’26

Sports Editor

Many athletes here at Trinity often express their devotion to the sport they play, and the love they have for the people they play it with. Student athletes on campus spend an insurmountable amount of time working on their skills and bonding with their teammates. This commitment to college athletics has revealed itself through the successful seasons of multiple teams on campus. The men’s basketball team specifically has proven that the components of victory come from team camaraderie and individual perseverance. One of those individuals that exemplifies this idea is guard/forward, #22 Jarrel Okorougo ’26.

Okorougo is an athlete who recognizes that true sportsmanship comes from dedication to the game and a level of gratitude for the opportunities presented on and off the court. Recognizing that the lessons and levels of discipline that come from playing a sport can be applied to daily life has set Okorougo up for success as a student, and as an individual. He is a leader, on and off the court, and sets the example for how athleticism, discipline and love for the game and its players are all attributes to being a well-rounded player. The Tripod sat down with Okorougo to ask some questions about how being an athlete and team player has affected his character and morale.

T: How has basketball impacted your life?

JO: Basketball has always meant everything to me. The game has given me many opportunities, and created relationships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It has taught me structure, discipline and the price of hard work which I apply daily.

T: How have your teammates impacted your life?

JO: My relationship with my team is different than others I’ve had in the past. Off the court we’re probably the most unserious/goofy team around, but as soon as we step on the court all that goes away. Every day we strive to make each other better by competing and holding each other accountable, and that’s part of the reason why we’re such a tight knit group. They impact me by making me a better player on the court and an even better person off of it. They continuously support me whether it’s with my brand, school or just day to day life.

T: What obstacles have you faced in your entire career as a basketball player?

JO: The biggest obstacle in my career would have to be COVID. It was hard not being able to play during my junior high school season. I went from being certain of my future to not knowing where I would end up for my college career. It was a struggle that many in my class went through. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to be accepted by the Trinity athletics community.

Okorougo has played a total of 626 minutes. While playing Tufts University on Feb. 10, he scored a total of 18 points. For the whole season, he has scored a total of 274 points, with 28 assists and 22 blocks. Watch Okorougo and other Bantams from the men’s basketball team this Saturday, Feb. 24 against Tufts University. For more information, visit the Trinity athletics website.

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