Football Team Looks Ahead to Fall Season

Mateo Vazquez ’21

Sports Editor

As students are beginning to come back to campus, many student athletes have already been at Trinity preparing for their upcoming season. This fall is promising for the Bantams, as it could be the second time that the football team wins the NESCAC four years in a row. Previously, this has only been done by the Bantams during the 2002-2005 season. While this is definitely going to be a tough goal to achieve, it looks as if the team is more prepared going into this season than they have been in the past. The team is already in a great position, as they still have 59 returning letterwinners and 13 starters from last year’s squad, not to mention the stellar recruits that have yet to show their talent in the upcoming season. The Bantams left an impact on the NESCAC last year as they sealed their third conference win and finished the season ranked second in New England and 30th in the nation.
An essential part of this team is that they are well balanced on both offensive and defensive fronts with the ability to perform a variety of effective plays at an extraordinarily high level. On the offensive front, the team has a fantastic line, featuring two great quarterbacks to compliment their receivers. The combination of speed and agility no doubt raises the bar for other NESCAC teams and separates them from the rest of the competition.
Unfortunately, the team has lost Max Chipouras ’19, a talented running back as well as a NESCAC co-offensive player of the year during the 2018 season.This loss, however, is just another opportunity for the Bantams to rise to the challenge and the opportunity for another player to showcase their talent.
On the defensive side of the field, the Bantams have made enormous strides in the level of performance and execution of plays on the field. The defense finished the season fifth in scoring and ninth in passing. Overall, they were third in the nation in total defense. Although the team did lose a few seniors on their defensive squad, the team has relatively the same lineup of players with the exception of a few new players to the squad, allowing the team the opportunity to grow and build upon their achievements from last year.
This could be one of the best seasons yet for the Bantams. As fans have seen throughout these past three conference winning teams, each coming season the team is building upon past accomplishments. This fall, the path to victory will be a long one. As usual, the Bantams will face Tufts in the first game of the season where they hopefully get what could be their 23rd consecutive season-opening win.

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