New England Sports Basking in Recent On-Field Success

Jay Park ’22

Sports Editor

As the 2019-2020 school year comes into full swing, it is important for us to look back at the wonderful year we have had – not just as students of Trinity College – but also as residents of the greater New England area. A region known for its excellent coaching with regards to various sports, as well as a superb ability to consistently recruit new players, this previous year contained many causes of celebration, along with sources of heartbreak.
At this point, the New England Patriots seem to be perennial Super Bowl contenders, and with defensive mastermind Bill Belichick and superstar system quarterback Tom Brady at the helm, it is not hard to see why. The Patriots blew past the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3, in the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history. Coming into this game, many expected running back Todd Gurley, quarterback Jared Goff, and the 30-year old maverick head coach Sean McVay to steal the show. But it was wiser – and more defensively-minded – heads that prevailed. Coach Bill Belichick somehow found a way to shut down the second-highest scoring offensive in the National Football League, holding them to a mere field goal in all 4 quarters. Slot receiver Julian Edelman received the accolade of Finals MVP, catching 10 passes for a combined 141 yards. Although the loss of Tight End Rob Gronkowski dealt a big blow to the Patriots offence, they ought not be counted out for that reason alone. With the return of Brady on a new contract, as well as the return of wideout Josh “Flash” Gordon, the future is still looking bright for the Patriots as they work for their 7th Super Bowl, which would break the tie with the Steelers with the most Super Bowls by any franchise.
In the world of baseball, the Boston Red Sox successfully won their fourth World Series Title in 15 years, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in five games in a historic series of games, with Game 3 going for 18 innings, a World Series Record. Red Sox left fielder and first baseman Steve Pearce won the World Series MVP award, being instrumental in tying up Game 4 of the series at 4-4. While this year may not be going favorably for the Boston Red Sox, this team can relish in the fact that they are still the defending champions, as well as being one of the powerhouses of the American League.
But like Icarus, too much of any one thing can never be good. If the Sun represents success, as is the case with the Patriots and Red Sox, the ocean must represent disappointments, just like the season experienced by the Boston Celtics. In an Eastern Conference that seemed to by blown wide open by the exit of Lebron James, many speculated it was time for the Celtics to have their chance at the spotlight once again. With superstar Kyrie Irving spearheading the offense, along with rising players Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, things appeared to be looking up for the Celtics, who were now chasing their 18th championship since the league’s founding (although one must take into consideration the fact that there were only eight teams in the burgeoning years of the league). But even from the beginning, it seemed as though there was a disconnect between Kyrie and the rest of his team. Their season ended as expected – disaster. They were nearly swept by the league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, who led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. Let us hope that this year holds more in store for Trinity’s favorite New England sports teams.

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