From Sports to the Stage, the Athletes Can and Will Do it All

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Dermo ’26

Sports Editor

The sports editors of the Tripod have received an anonymous letter from a coalition of athletes who are making their big break from sports; instead turning to theater. The letter came in just Friday morning, addressed to writers of the sports column to have it prepared for publication.

”Dear Esteemed Tripod Writers,

It’s been fun dominating the fields and courts of Trinity College, however, it is time we found a new outlet.  This is why we are proud to announce we will be writing, choreographing and staging our very own musical. This is all we can say on the matter, but we hope students will be on the look out for this masterpiece.”

In a brief correspondence from the editors, we asked about their inspiration. What led them to this sharp turn in their careers? Could they have seen High School Musical, and felt that Troy Bolton resonated with their predicament?

They responded with, “Who’s Troy Bolton? Didn’t he get drafted last year to UConn?  We’ve never heard of High School Musical. This is our own, original idea, we can’t imagine it has ever been done before. What the fans don’t know is that the games and practices are just excuses to hang out. We get such a kick in the locker room after hearing the fans and faculty cheer. Little do they know, they are victims of the biggest prank ever. It’s all been a side hustle. Trading our cleats, sneakers, and skates for tap shoes, and the white boards that mark our plays have notes written on them. I now know what a Treble Clef is! The stage is calling, and we have to answer.”

This performance is set to take place sometime by the end of the semester. The athletes gave a brief synopsis of what we can expect.

“It is going to be a coming of age story. A young athlete from Trinity meets a girl over Christmas break who is transferring to Trinity the following semester. When they return to campus, he is persuaded to audition for the musical with her. It’s kind of meta, putting a show about a show together. But in the end, all of the athletes join in. Except everyone is already an athlete outside of the show. We mean outside of our show. So in the show about the show they are athletes turned performers, just like we are athletes turned thespians in real life. Does that make sense? I have a headache just from writing that.” 

We asked if they are sure that they haven’t seen or heard of High School Musical, they said, “Clearly we need to focus on branding and copyright, because no one has ever thought of this before. But that title sure is catchy.”

As we remain loyal to these athletes/performers, the Tripod Sports Column will be shifted to a Theatrical Review Column. The show is called College School Musical. It is in rehearsals now, and probably will be forever.

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