Sweetgreen to be Installed in Unit D of Ferris

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Sweet Feet ’25

Needs a Salad ASAP

In a move aimed at promoting healthy eating habits and catering to the evolving needs of students, Trinity College has announced plans to build a Sweetgreen, a build-it-yourself salad bar, in Unit D of Ferris Athletic Center. The decision comes as a part of the college’s commitment to enhancing wellness initiatives and providing nutritious options, only for its student athletes. 

Scheduled to open following the completion of the state-of-the-art athletic complex, Sweetgreen promises to offer a diverse array of fresh ingredients and customizable salad options. Because only student athletes will be afforded the opportunity to dine here, Bantam Sports roster cards will be required for entry. President Joanne Berger-Sweeney states, “We firmly believe that our student athletes deserve only the finest dining options for peak performance.” From crisp greens to farm-fresh produce and protein-packed toppings, student athletes can look forward to a vibrant selection designed to fuel their active lifestyles.

The addition of a Sweetgreen on campus aligns with Trinity’s broader efforts to promote health and wellness across campus, following the newest promotion of Celcius, a 200 milligram energy drink, to NCAA athletes. With an increasing emphasis on nutrition, Trinity’s collaboration with Sweetgreen reflects the college’s dedication to student athlete well-being. 

“We are excited to partner with Sweetgreen and bring their renowned salad and grain bowls to our campus community,” remarks President Sweeney. “Providing access to nutritious and delicious meals is essential for supporting our student athletes’ overall health and academic success.”

The inclusion of a Sweetgreen in Unit D emphasizes the college’s recognition of the importance of convenient and nutritious dining options for student athletes leading busy lifestyles. Whether refueling after a workout or grabbing a quick meal between classes, Trinity’s newest salad bar will offer athletes a convenient dining solution, also accepting Bantam Bucks.

The decision to build a Sweetgreen on campus reflects broader trends in campus dining preferences, with students increasingly seeking out healthier alternatives to the current on-campus options. This shift points towards Trinity’s earnest efforts to improve athletes well-being and academic performance.

As construction progresses on Unit D, anticipation is high among athletes for the arrival of our campus’ newest salad spot. “I heard you get a free bowl if you’re NESCAC Player of the week,” says one athlete. “Someone told me they make you pay more after you lose,” says another. With focus on freshness, deliciousness, and fueling our beloved athletes, the addition of Sweetgreen is bound to be a welcome enhancement to the Ferris Athletic Facility. 

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