Tom Brady Signs Contract Extension, Keeping the “Dream Team” Together for Potential Super Bowl LVI

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Anna Bauer ’23

Sports Editor

This past Friday, the once-New England Patriot superstar, now Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rockstar, Tom Brady, signed a contract extension with Tampa. 

The contract details a four-year extension; however, it voids to a one-year extension which means that Brady will be with the Buccaneers at least through the 2022 season. While Brady had once said that it was his goal to play until age 45, he revealed at his most recent Superbowl win that he is considering playing beyond that. No matter if the 43-year-old plays beyond 45, one thing is for sure, Brady is definitely in pursuit of another Superbowl ring with the Buccaneers.  

Before this new contract, the Buccaneers were $7.756 million over their $182.5 million salary cap because of re-signing Lavonte David, an inside linebacker, to a two-year extension, and the franchise tag on Chris Godwin, a wide receiver. Similar to Brady’s deal, David’s contract includes voidable years as well which is something Tampa Bay has not done in over a decade. David commented to ESPN that “Tom is one of those guys that understands that it takes a whole village to win – The bond that [the team] had, the bond that [they] shared this year – was like no other.”

The Buccaneers clearly have a winning team on their hands – Brady knows it and so do the other players, so to keep this team together, Brady has signed a new contract extension that allowed the Bucs to not exceed their budget and keep the desired “Dream Team” together. One thing is for sure, the 2021-2022 season and Superbowl LVI are sure to be fascinating.

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