“How to be Funny and Energetic (Girls)”: According to Wikihow

Maggie Ondrey ’25

Wikihow Reader

Alright ladies, who hasn’t felt the bursting urge to be an effortless gem of hilarity that seems to always be “on”? Well, according to WikiHow there’s a market for that (you know who you are). So let’s dive in-maybe refine these steps for us lady bantams here.

Step 1: Be up for anything

Okay so some of us are slugs, we never leave the commune that is our twin XL (if you have a Cres- cent this does not apply to you) and we never seem to be pro- active in our plans to become funny and energetic. We as fe- males must have infectious energies that leave everyone to believe that if you were to ask us if we wanted to roll around in the dirt we would! WikiHow gives some pretty clear parameters of the do’s and don’ts of this and the central theme here seems to be outdoors equals funny and energetic and inside (movies and such) equals flat humor boring. So the best advice I can give you lady bantams is rain or shine, always be ready for quadding Perhaps an emergency tarp for when the weather is bad? Nothing says spontaneity like some impromptu quadding.

Step 2: Try to stay positive

This one seems to be leaning more towards the “ energetic” side of this quest, but nonetheless as women we cannot bring the mood down. To combat the inevitability of a bad day, fight off that 50 pound weight mood with some humor girl! In an academic setting, perhaps the best way to deal with this is to not actually perceive anything as real. WikiHow brings us this top-notch information with also the nod that sometimes other people will be the debbie downers, with all of their problems it seems the only solution is to not actually listen to them but actually just completely say the opposite of what they are saying. Be a painfully positive person in any situation.

Step 3: Break out of your comfort zone

Breaking out of your comfort zone, this is one where we can have some real fun. WikiHow says that this can be anything that makes you seem spontaneous, remember you should seem up for anything as we mentioned before. The point of this is to challenge yourself and improve your social skills, so that could look like going to a spin class and competing with everyone. Really make your presence known, but don’t look like you’re trying.

Step 4: Don’t take yourself too seriously

If your whole goal is to be funny and energetic, which I’m assuming that is your goal because you’re reading this then you can’t take yourself too seriously. This is described as randomly dancing around and making silly voices, some ways to translate this into a Trinity context could look like random hair mustaches in the library (the library works because this is a very serious place), British accents in the middle of conversating, and maybe dancing in the lines of Mather while music is playing.

Step 5: Smile

You had to know this one was coming, smiling is key when it comes to seeming like an effortless funny energetic gal. WikiHow advises you practice in the mirror before introducing this to your routine, so I will ad- vise you the same. Some places to really hammer home this appeal of the smile are the gym, positioning yourself on the last treadmill and smiling at any- one who walks down the stairs is a sure- fire way to become that funny energetic girl we all know you can become.

Good luck girls!

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