Parkville Market: The Local Hub for Food and Events

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Abbey O’Leary ’24

Features Editor

Just down the road from campus, Parkville Market is a fun and easy way to change up routine, try new and different foods, and have fun with friends. Prior to becoming one of the most up-and-coming areas of Hartford, the Parkville neighborhood was a manufacturing and industrial center. It was the home base for a handful of major factories including Columbia Bicycle, Pope Manufacturing, Gray Telephone Pay Station, and Underwood and Royal Typewriters. The neighborhood now houses Hog River Brewing, reSET, HARDENCO, DesignSourceCT, Pine and Axe Axe Throwing, Hartford Flavor Company, and Real Art Ways. Located in the renovated and restructured Capitol City Lumber Co. building, Parkville Market has space for more than four hundred diners and is set up as a long hall with nineteen restaurants. You are able to get a taste of many different types of foods from many different cultures. You can walk up and down the aisles and take your pick from vendor companies including Brazilian Gula Grill, Burrito Loko, Fowl Play, Hartford Poke Co., J. Fry Co. Dirty Fries, J’s Crab Shack, Jamaican Jerk Shack, Las Tortas MX, Meltdown on Park, Mercado 27, Mofongo, Portly Pig, Que Chivo, Randy’s Wooster Street Pizza, The Local, and Twisted Italian Cafe, followed by Frisbie’s Dairy Barn, Manny’s Sweet Treats, Okinawa Boba Co., and Sno n’ Dough for dessert. 

Parkville also hosts a number of events to add to the experience. Just for the month of September, they will be throwing Samba Under the Stars, Trivia night, Karaoke Night, Thursday Night Live: Goza Latin Jazz, Pop-Up Alert: Sock Starz, Salsa Under the Stars, Throwback Bingo, Cafeteria Radio Residency in the Local, Yoga on the Patio, Jazz in the Local, Salsa Lessons with Joey Huertas, a Free COVID Vaccine Clinic Pop-Up, Women Supporting Women, Thursday Night Live: Los Bohemios, Bee Knees, Live Irish Music in the Local, and Sonia Morant and Kaliope. 

Grab some friends on a nice night and go try some delicious food, watch the entertainment, or just take in the lively and fun atmosphere. Just a short drive or walk away from campus, Parkville Market is a great way to get off of campus and enjoy what the city of Hartford has to offer. 

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