“In your Life, You’ll do Things Greater than Dating the Boy on the Football Team”

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Bella Chirkis ‘27

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Taylor Swift, one of the most influential artists of our time, was caught in the stands surrounded by the family of Travis Kelce at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sept. 24, 2023. Despite being an Eagle’s fan, Swift has been rumored to have been seeing Travis since he saw her perform at the Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium, with a friendship bracelet in hand that had his phone number written on it. Fans went crazy when photos of Swift arose with her arm around Kelce in a private restaurant he rented out for the two of them after the winning game.

Conspiracy around their relationship is amplified by fans who point out that Travis would be Taylor’s 13th boyfriend, her own lucky number. Swift has been criticized time and again about both the number of people she has dated, as well as the questionable morals behind some of her past boyfriends. Media has had a different reaction about the pairing between Kelce and Swift, as they both have very dominant careers in separate fields, and therefore have the ability to maintain a breezy and carefree relationship.

Both celebrities value great importance in their careers and prioritize their work. Kelce is known for his status as one of the NFL’s greatest tight ends, after he experienced the peak of his career during the Kansas City Chiefs second Super Bowl victory. After the game, according to the sportswear and fan merchandise company Fanatics, the appearance of Taylor Swift at his game caused him to become one of the top five selling NFL players, with a 400% spike in sales throughout the network. Although his career is successful on his own, Swift’s universal popularity has put his name through the wringer of the media, and “Swifties” are talking about their relationship on all platforms.

With the continuation of Taylor Swift’s current tour, and the upcoming film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” fans have a lot to continue to look forward to from the audience. Any budding romance seems to be lower on her list of priorities, as she described her game attendance as a “fun way to spend a Sunday,” implying that she has big things coming, including her upcoming rerelease album of “1989.”

The hype around the Eras Tour, often described as one of the biggest tours of our generation, is something that is completely deserving of an artist like Swift, as she creates an environment of inclusion around her concert. Fans from all around the world make friendship bracelets and trade them at Swift’s concerts, with her album names, song names, or inside jokes that only a true fan of Taylor would understand. Going to the Eras Tour “felt like Christmas as a child. Especially the night before it felt like Santa was coming,” according to my best friend, the biggest “Swiftie” I know. The community the artist has built is welcoming for all and her fanbase only wants what is best for her, which is why such excitement has been buzzing over her new relationship because a true “Swiftie” wants her to be happy.

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